More photos of the iPhone 6 front glass leaked. Thin bezels and curved edges

iPhone 6

IPHONE 6 LEAK: This is the iPhone 6's curved glass screen - BGR: The Three Biggest Letters In Tech | Chris Smith

A new series of leaked images obtained by Nowhereelse show the front panel of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 model, which will cover the display of the handset. Several design elements can be easily identified, including the home button placement, as well as the speaker, sensors and front-facing camera openings.

The camera is of particular interest, as it’s located on the left side of the speaker, rather than on top of it. Also, interesting are the edges of the glass front panel, which appear to be curved.

iPhone 6 front glass

Like in the earlier images I've posted, it looks like the iPhone 6 will get thinner bezels and the edges of the glass is a bit curved. I like what I see. Very exciting!

Front iPhone Curved White