No one checked out the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 - I have said it before but I say it again, the Surface is a huge failure

Surface pro 3

I was on Media Markt here in Sweden today and it was very crowded. A lot of people was checking out all the new gadgets, Mac's, iPads, Windows Pc's, laptops, cameras and new smartphones. But one thing I noticed - none was checking out Microsofts specially made corner for the Surface Pro 3. Not one person during the whole time I was there in the store! The small devices looked very alone and sad there…

To me that is a sign that once again has Microsoft totally failed with the Surface. I've said it before and I say it again: Microsoft Surface is a huge failure.

Update: apparently it was still the Surface Pro 2 and not 3. The signs and other info was about the 3 though. Doesn't change anything though. Still no one where interested.