Overcast - a new podcast iPhone app from Marco Arment


Instapaper Founder Launches Overcast, an App for Smarter Podcasts - Mashable! | Karissa Bell

Smart Speed enables you to listen to their podcasts faster by speeding up the silences within the recordings. Arment said the feature makes listening faster, but adds no detectable changes to a podcast's audio. Voice Boost is a feature that essentially equalizes a podcast's volume, so listeners won't have to constantly turn it up or down at different points while listening— an issue that crops up more frequently with amateur podcasts.

Overcast is free, but the one in-app purchase buys you all of its premium features, including a sleep timer and the ability to download podcasts over cellular data, along with Smart Speed and Voice Boost.

Marco Arment is one of my favorite developers (and blogger), he made Instapaper and now comes out with the podcast app Overcast. It looks very good and have some interesting features if you do the in-app purchase that is.

I don't listen to podcasts1, but I can highly recommend this app mainly on trust for the developer.

  1. I listen to my Pocket (Read It Later) articles via the app Dream Reader for the iPhone. It reads the text out loud for me.