Personally I think it's good that Google is killing Stock Android

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Is Google killing stock Android? - Planet Android | Kris Carlon

This is exactly what Google wants: unadulterated Android on every device possible, and this is clearly what they’re wanting for stock too. By making stock Android, like Android Wear, a highly recognizable, pre-themed and unified experience across devices, it makes it increasingly difficult for others to modify it without standing out like a sore thumb. And while a more stylistically unified approach to Android sounds nice, a tightly controlled, centrally designed universal experience starts sounding an awful lot like another OS we don’t normally mention.

Android L

Personally I think it's great if Google makes it harder (or maybe unnecessary is a better word?) for manufacturers and carriers to alter the UI. The more “closed”, the better the OS and Apps will be. So if Google is making Android more and more like iOS then I can only see benefits.