Pocket Casts- The best crossplatform podcast client?

If you are a mobile geek like me, then not only do we want to listen to music but we also want to listen or watch some of the latest podcasts covering all sorts of technology. I was in the hunt for the best app to do this and I came across Pocket Casts by +Shifty Jelly and I am certainly glad that I did. Feauturing a smooth and intuitive design it is easily the best if not one of the best Podcast clients available on Android following the holo design guidelines that still look great (despite Material Design coming out) and a friendly developer that always adds a little joke in every update!

Pocket Casts - screenshotBut not only is Pocket Casts easy to use, it is also very powerful. You can set episodes to auto download, check when to refresh, change themes and ther eis even an option to play Pocket Casts over notification. Oh, and for you users out there that have an SD card, there is an option to set podcasts to download to that too.

But the main reason why I am featuring this app is because it supports cross-platform sync between your Apple and Android devices very easy and effortlessly. For example, if you finish playing an episode on your iPad then it is automatically marked as played on your Android phone and you don't have to manually delete it. Or, if you have started a podcast on your Android device then you can later download it for your Apple device and start playing where you left off. It's these nifty tools that make it the best podcast player out there (in my opinion), although as Stefan +Stefan Svartling said: There are better podcast apps for Apple devices.

So here are the pros and cons in a quick rundown:

+ Great UI
+ Easy to navigate
+ Very powerful
+ Friendly developer
+ Chromecast support

- Podcasts sometimes hang when you play then whilst downloading, repeating the same word over and over again!

Overall I think that the app is fantastic, and it is definitely worth spending on. You can pick up the Android version here and the iOS version here