See how beautiful the iPad mini 3 will be with the same soft design as the iPhone 6!

iPad mini 3 and iPhone 6

A soft iPad mini - Martin Hajek:

“Based on rumours and images of the purported iPhone 6 all over the internet I decided to do a concept study of what an iPad mini would look like with this new, soft and round iPhone 6 design ‘language’ slapped all over it. The results? Looks soft! Especially if you put it next to an upgraded (with touch ID) current gen iPad mini”.

Looks really nice. Check out the difference between the more sharp edges on the latest iPad mini and the new concept iPad mini. Much more soft because of the rounded corners. I really like that.

Also see the the iPhone 6 with the glass parts attached at the top and bottom on the backside. That's how I think it will look, and not with just those antenna lines that some think it will have. The iPad and the iPhone will have the same design this year. I'm very excited to see what Apple has to present to us this Fall!

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