Swype hacked - one reason why I will stay with the iOS keyboard in iOS 8 and not use any third-party keyboard

Swype hacked

Swype Website Hacked By Pro-Palestinian Group, Still Compromised Hours Later

Swype's website has come under attack this evening by a group claiming connections to the pro-Palestinian movement. The website was taken down mid-afternoon (Pacific time) on Saturday, and is still showing a message left there by “TeaM System Dz.” As you might suspect, the message is highly critical of Israel (under the so-called #OpSaveGaza banner) for its recent military action in the Gaza Strip.

This is one reason why I will use Apples QuickType iOS keyboard in iOS 8 and not any third-party keyboard like Swype or SwiftKey that syncs and backups your typing (if you allow it that is). Apple has a very high security though and you have to specifically allow third-party keyboards to sync your data. With their own QuickType keyboard the data only stays locally.

So I will stay with the iOS keyboard in iOS 8.

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