The iPad makes Apple the largest computer maker by a wide margin

The iPad is a computer

Apple, Inc's double digit U.S. Mac growth contradicts IDC & Gartner reports of a Mac sales slump - AppleInsider - Frontpage News |

In calculating their PC “market share” numbers, both IDC and Gartner include low end netbook and hybrid devices and Windows tablets. IDC also counts Chromebook web browser devices, but both firms exclude sales of Apple's iPad from their PC sales figures.

If they had included iPads and other tablets in their PC figures, they would be forced to recognize Apple as being the largest computer maker by a wide margin. Despite much media handwringing about Apple's year-over-year decrease in iPad sales, the company still sold 13.3 million iPads globally in the quarter, more than Samsung, Lenovo and Asus (the next three largest vendors, according to IDC) combined.

If they count low-end notebooks and even chromebooks that is only good for web browsing as PC's, then they definitely should count the really powerful iPad as a “PC” too. To me the iPad Air has replaced the old traditional computers already.

So yeah, Apple is the largest computer maker by a wide margin.