Thoughts on Smartwatches and Android Wear

With the Android Wear launch and potentially even an iWatch later this year, I felt that as an Android fan it was the time to give my thoughts about smartwatches.

Smartwatches are poised to be "the next big thing" after smartphones and are going to be one of the biggest devices in the wearables industry. However, I don't think that smartwatches are all that useful.

I think that having a smartwatch is pointless, because all it really does is display notifications. I agree that that can be sometimes useful, say if you are in a meeting or you're busy and you don't want to pull out that 5.5" inch phablet, but in my case, I picked up the Moto G 16GB version cheaper than the new Android Wear smartwatches that are coming out by LG and Samsung, and frankly speaking my Moto G can do a lot more stuff than a standalone smartwatch because of such a tiny screen.

 Including Google Now and Google Maps was a smart move by Google in my opinion. Someone who may be a biker may find this feature very handy, but if you travel by car then you have your inbuilt Sat Nav (or even Android Auto with Google Maps in you car) then there is no need to have Google Maps.

That said, I may be persuaded with different use cases as app developers code for Android Wear, but what are your opinions? Are you looking to pick up a smartwatch anytime soon?