Video: iPhone 6 will use a sapphire front panel this proves it and that alone will take it way ahead of the competition!

iPhone 6 sapphire

This will change everything. The sapphire glass front panel that Apple will use for the iPhone 6 will take them way ahead of the competition. I mean, after watching the video below, I can just say, amazing! Not just that it's unbreakable, it's the clearness of the glass too! This will look so good on the iPhone.

iPhone 6 sapphire

It will take a very long time for the competitors to be able to use the same kind of sapphire glass on their Android phones, and especially on all the cheap phones. Apple has prepared for this for a long time and invested a lot of money buying sapphire plants.


This alone makes it worth buying the iPhone 6 for.

But the competitors will of course copy what Apple does again. They always do. Once again it's Apple that drives the innovation forward, as always.

I like this a lot!

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Scratch test of the iPhone 6 sapphire glass:

Extreme torture of the sapphire front panel