Why blog for Google when your audience is on the social networks? [Just Blog]

I almost never do web searches anymore. I don't use the web like that anymore. I almost always use the web via a native app like Mr. reader, Unread, Twitter, Tweetbot, Google+ and more.

So after posting about the “Just Blog” philosophy I started to think: “why blog for Google at all?” SEO or PageRank is not important to me at all. My audience is the social networks like my Google+ followers, Twitter followers or my Facebook fans.

And I think more and more people using native Apps directly to access the web and not through a Google Search or web browser. So why would PageRank and SEO be important anymore then?

The traffic I get from social networks is 20 times larger than from Google search today. And I have no chance competing in Google rank with all the huge web sites that posts about the same topics like I do, tech and gadgets. They have multiple authors and editors that work all day on their sites. So why bother? Where I can compete instead is on the social networks where I have a quite large following crowd.

So again, my audience is on the social networks, so why blog for Google search?

I will write some more stuff about the “just blog” philosophy and on why I think it's better to “go back to the roots” again, and start blogging how blogging was meant to be done: blog a source link, quote and then add your own thoughts about it. That's how it all started.