Apple is moving to their own CDN so that they can control how content is delivered to the user so that we get an even better user experience


Apple's CDN Now Live: Has Paid Deals With ISPs, Massive Capacity In Place - Dan Rayburn -

Apple already controls the hardware, the OS (iOS/OS X) as well as the iTunes/App store platforms. Right now they control the entire customer experience, except for the way content is delivered to their devices, and they are quickly working to change that. While Apple doesn’t own the last mile, paying to connect directly to it (in some places) and delivering content from their own servers allows them much more control over the user experience, especially for cloud based services. Over time, this is something that will make the experience and performance for consumers even better – and Apple’s only just getting started.

This is what I like the most with Apple. They always think about the user experience in first hand. By controlling both the hardware and software they can make the experience the best possible.

Now when they have started to move to their own CDN so that they can control how the content is delivered to our devices too, the experience will almost be unbeatable.

I think they will use their own CDN for the new iCloud Drive that will almost act as an Apple file system. It needs the best performance possible to give the user the experience he or she is used to from Apple.

I can almost “feel” how Apple expands and gets bigger! I said early this year that 2014 will be a very big year for Apple, and it definitely seems as I was right.