I believe Apple will release ARM-based Macs

I believe Apple will release ARM-based Macs

This vlog is about that I believe Apple will put ARM chips in Macs. There is a lot of signs that they will do it. I think there is a lot of benefits by doing so and not so many drawbacks. Watch it for all the details. I can assure you that you will think it's interesting ;)

My notes for the video:

  • ARM chips costs a lot less than Intel chips, so we can get a lot cheaper Macs
  • fan-less Macs
  • x86 architecture is old, consumes more power and generates heat. Intel has to keep backward compatibility that Apple don't need
  • Apple can control one more aspect by designing their own chip - better for the user experience
  • If they switch to ARM, Macs can run same OS and apps as iOS devices
  • 64-bit ARM chips already in latest mobile devices
  • swift programming language makes it easier for developers
  • can design a really powerful desktop-class A10 SOC
  • thinner, lighter more natural integration with ARM chips

Macs with ARM chips

The webpage that I show in the vlog is this.

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