My YouTuber Day

My YouTuber Day

Here is a more personal vlog where I try to describe how a normal YouTuber / Videoblogger day looks like for me :) check it out above!

Video notes

  • Wakes up, while still in bed: goes through my Apple Community, Twitter discovery tab and my favorite RSS Reader called Mr. reader for news
  • eats breakfast
  • takes a shower and get dressed
  • record the video(s) on my iPhone in the app iMovie
  • AirDrop it/them to my iPad
  • video edit in iMovie on my iPad
  • writes description text in the app Drafts
  • upload video(s) to YouTube
  • sets a schedule when it/they should be published
  • when published, shares it/them to all social networks, communities and my blog
  • replies to comments

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