I believe we will see a new Hybrid iPad / MacBook device from Apple next year

The A8X chip together with excellent optimizations, makes the iPad Air 2 as powerful as a 2011 MacBook Air. So I think it could be possible that we will see a Hybrid 12-inch iPad Pro / MacBook next year that runs on a very powerful ARM chip. Maybe even quad-core that makes this new hybrid device as powerful as today's Macbook Air. The device will run iOS and the professional iOS Apps that is already available, and maybe also some new Apps like Apple's own Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro in ARM versions.

The device will come with a keyboard that is detachable and designed by Apple in a new smart way that we have never seen before. It will also have a new kind of Magic touchpad to navigate in iOS with. With the keyboard attached, the device will be much thinner and lighter than today's Macbook Air.

This is what I believe. Watch the vlog.

If you can't watch the video above, click here : I Think We Will See A Hybrid 12-inch iPad Pro / MacBook Next Year

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