iPhone 6 - my review (video)

I have now used my 64GB gold iPhone 6 for two weeks. So I did a video review of it. I must say that its the best phone I've ever had. It's so fast, battery life is awesome, the camera is awesome, the display is amazing. It's also the most beautiful phone I've ever had. It's so thin and light. And I love it in gold :)

And the size is great for me personally. It's almost too big to use with one hand. I can barely reach to the top. So hopefully Apple makes it a tiny bit smaller in the next generation. The size is perfect because I use my iPad when I need a bigger screen. If I didn't have an iPad, then I would have bought the iPhone 6 Plus instead. Now the size is perfect because it's a phone for me.

I never use cases but iPhone 6 is the first iPhone that feels like it was made to use with a case. It's so slippery. It feels like you would drop it all the time.

If you can't watch the video above, click here : iPhone 6 - this is my review

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