Weight and Thickness counts on such a post-pc device as the iPad Air 2 really are

Some users says that the iPad Air 2 is too thin and that they rather have a thicker device with better battery life. But I don't agree with that. To use this kind of device as a post-pc device as I do, because it has replaced my computer, it needs to be as thin and light as possible. It needs to be as portable, mobile and ergonomic as possible. I use the iPad Air practically all day, every day so it's great to have as light and thin device as possible that is still as powerful as the iPad really is.

Even if I already have an iPad Air, I can hardly wait until my iPad Air 2 arrives this week so I can have the pleasure to use such mobile post-pc device as the new iPad really is.

If you can't watch the video above, click here : iPad Air 2 - Weight and Thickness Counts

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