Because of the rumored iPad Pro, Samsung just have to release an even larger 13-inch Android tablet

So stupid. Typical Samsung. Only because they have heard the rumors about Apple's iPad Pro, Samsung just have to make an even larger (13-inch) Android tablet. With a terrible user experience of course because Samsung never do any research… And where is the Android apps made for large displays? They still are nowhere to be seen. Android apps looks terrible on anything larger than 7-inch. Just like outstretched smartphone apps.

Samsung as good as pioneered the “bigger is better” approach to mobile device display size, so what do you do when Apple plans to launch a 12.9-inch iPad to compete with your Galaxy Note Pro 12.2? Build a bigger tablet, of course.

Via: Cult of Android - Size matters: Samsung plots giant, 13-inch tablet to beat iPad | Cult of Android