Flipboard 3.0 - great update with topic and people subscriptions

Flipboard 3.0 is released for iOS, and you can now subscribe to topics and people and I love it. I have now got a new hobby as a Flipboard Magazine Editor :) Subscribe to me on Flipboard.

I love that Flipboard now learns what you want to read and that you can go down deep in topics that you like. Getting news based on topics you like feels like the future really. Following topics and people that curate the news for you is brilliant. Flipboard 3.0 beats all RSS readers in the world. RSS readers are dead to me now.

Flipboard 3.0

  • updated for iOS (iPhone specifically)
    • the app is much better on the iPhone than the iPad strangely. Even our profiles looks better on the phone
  • now you can subscribe to topics
  • you can also subscribe to people
  • it learns what you like
  • you can dive deep down the topics you like
  • over 30,000 topics now available
  • Topics are fueled by Zite’s technology but they’re also powered by people
    • the magazine editors like me
  • Flipboard is more magazine-like than real-time news
    • so I still prefer Twitter/Nuzzel for fast news to blog/vlog
    • it's great for reading pleasure though when you want to read like real magazines
  • annoying that what you have read is still there when you go through Flipboard again
  • no notification center widget for iOS 8 is bad
  • thanks to this new version I've got a new hobby as a magazine editor
    • please follow me or some of my magazines
    • you find link to my Flipboard profile below

Follow me on Flipboard : https://flipboard.com/profile/StefanSvartling

If you can't watch the video above, click here: Flipboard 3.0 made me a new hobby as a Magazine Editor

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