Google and Microsoft have both recently boosted the iPad revolution

Google released the “not so good” Nexus 9, and Microsoft released their Office suite completely free for the iPad (and iPhone). Both these things has helped the iPad to be even more popular and powerful.

The iPad is Apple's ongoing revolution that just get better and grows every day. The huge advantage the iPad has, with the large catalogue of iPad specific apps seems impossible for the competitors (Read: Android) to beat.

And the latest Android cosmetics called “lollipop” won't help much with that. Android still never seems to get tablet specific apps developed for the operating system. The professional developers is where the money is, and that will be the iPad and iOS for a foreseeable future.

Nicely written by Vlad for the Verge. A good read:

iPad sales have been flagging lately, but this past week they were given a boost from Apple’s two biggest rivals. Google released the unsatisfying Nexus 9, which had posed the biggest threat of dethroning the iPad, and Microsoft made its Office suite of apps completely and utterly free on iOS. Without Apple moving a muscle, the iPad is today smarter, more productive, and apparently better value than it was just a few days ago. Such has been the history of this device since its inception.

Via: iPad is Apple's unanswered revolution | The Verge