Google Glass is DOA

Early fans and developers are abandoning Google Glass. Google Glass is dying. I have always said that it would never go mainstream and it seems that I was right. One of the problems with Google Glass has always been that people don't want to be recorded in public. And to be honest, I would be quite angry if someone recorded me using a pair of Google Glass without me allowing it.

You almost never read or see anything about Google Glass anymore. To me they have failed to get enough of interest. They are like this times Segway, it's a cool product that nobody buys. If you can't watch the video above, click here: Google Glass is dying

You might be forgiven for thinking Google Glass was a mere blip on the landscape of recent history.

Almost nobody has heard of anything Glass, or Glass-related, for months, so some are questioning whether or not the wearable still exists — or if it has a future.

Via: Where did Google Glass go? | ZDNet

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