Google's Nexus 9 has build quality problems and not so good UI

It doesn't look good for Google’s new Nexus 9 Android tablet… Reports are coming in about really bad build-quality, light bleeds, bent frames, bad tablet UI and bad performance. And Android still has bad tablet Apps. Most are just outstretched smartphone Apps that are not made to be used on larger displays. Apple Sells the iPad Air 2 for the same price as the Nexus 9, so to me that's a much better buy. And if you want to go Pro and high end, then buy the new iPad Air 2.

Nexus 9 problems

  • comes with bent frame at delivery for some users
  • light leak (bleed)at the top of the screen
  • loose soft backside
  • bad build quality
  • terrible tablet UI, for example the placement of the home button in landscape mode
  • bad performance
    • a glitchy mess and the new graphics driver didn't fix it
  • the iPad Air 1 has the same price
    • a much better buy

Sources: +David Ruddock | Gizmodo

If you can't watch the video above, click here: Nexus 9 has problems - bad build quality & more

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