How I blog on the iPad - the future of computing

As many already know, I don't use computers anymore. I'm already living in the post-pc era. And blogging was one of the things I realised early that was fully possible to do easily on the iPad. In fact, even easier and faster than on a computer thanks to all great apps and features that isn't available for computers. And most importantly, really fun to do on the iPad!

Apps like editorial isn't available on computers and there is no app that even comes near it. So that made it even easier to make the decision to go all iPad.

Then whith iOS 8, came the awesome extension feature that made blogging even more exciting. We see more and more advanced extensions available every day. These extensions makes iOS totally limitless. And these extensions is a lot more advanced than just a share menu item. So no, it's not the same thing as the simple share feature Android has… I always here that it is when I try to explain what it is..

It's something much more advanced. You can do a complete blog post with formatting, links and all directly in the extension while still be in the app you were (for example safari) with just a tap on the right extension for example. Everything happens in the background in the full app version without you noticing it.

So blogging on the iPad is only one thing that has changed everything for me. I don't miss desktop computers or laptops at all. In fact, it's a relief to not having to use them for anything at all anymore.

So I made a video that you can watch above, on how I blog on the iPad - the future of computing. If you can't watch the video above, click here: How I blog on the iPad

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