How I find the news to blog and do videos about

This is the first episode in a new video show that is more like a podcast. I will talk about Apple stuff, show apps, how I do stuff on my iOS devices, how it is to live in the post-pc era and much much more that I think it's interesting. Every episode will usually be around 20-30 minutes long (I think). I hope you will like it. If I see that it gets quite popular, I will continue create this show periodically.

This episode is about how I find the news I create videos and blog posts about, and how I write my video transcripts. I also show a bit how I record and edit my videos on my iOS devices. The transcript below shows more what this first episode is about and around which video time that part starts.

How I find the news you and me like | svartlingcast 001

  • 0:03: introduction
  • 0:30: talking about how I find News to do videos about
  • 12:00: how and why I'm writing a transcript
    • 12:14: Drafts note taking app
    • 14:40: drag and drop topics
  • 16:00: how I do video recording and editing
  • 21:30: outro

If you can't watch the video above, click here: How I find the news you and me like | svartlingcast 001

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