I believe the iPad Pro & the rumored 12-inch MacBook is the same device

Some more rumors says that the iPad Pro will be 12-inch as I've been talking about in some of my videos. It will also be as thin as the iPhone 6. Somewhere between 6.9mm and 7.1mm. Personally I believe the iPad Pro is the same device as the rumored 12-inch MacBook.

iPad Pro will be 12.2-inch and around 7mm thick

  • This according to the quite reliable Japanese site Macotakara
  • Apple is expected to announce a larger iPad in early 2015
  • It will feature a 12.2-inch display and improved stereo audio
    • Stereo speakers on both sides.
    • Personally I think Apple could use Beats technology for that
  • The thickness will be somewhere between the 6.9 iPhone 6 and 7.1mm iPhone 6 Plus
  • The iPad Pro will be used primarily in landscape mode instead of portrait mode
    • Like Microsoft Surface Pro
  • I belive it will even have some kind of special removable keyboard that Apple has developed
    • Maybe even with some kind of Magic TouchPad on the keyboard
  • Interestingly that size is the same as I've been talking about
    • Same size as the rumored 12-inch MacBook that I've been saying could be the same device

Here is my earlier video about it:

Can't you watch the video at the top, then click here: iPad Pro Will Be 12-inch And Thin As The iPhone 6 - Same Device As The Rumored 12-inch Macbook?