I have been living in the post-pc era for one year (soon) now and highly enjoy it

It's time for the third episode in my own podcast (videocast) called svartlingcast. This time I'm talking about how it is to live in the post-pc era that I've been doing since January this year. I have only used my iPad and iPhone for 11 months now and I highly enjoy it! Please give me feedback what you think of this new show from me. And please subscribe to svartlingcast.

Below you can find the full show notes with links and all.

Living in the post-pc era with my iOS devices | svartlingcast 003

  • living in the post-pc era
    • since January 2014
    • I don't miss computers at all
    • I use my MacBook Air as a media center now, connected to my HDTV for consuming media only
  • puffin web browser
  • Apple's keynote app
    • create video thumbnails with it
  • blogging
  • iMovie iOS app
    • I use it everyday for all my videos
    • record in iMovie on my iPhone
    • Airdrop iMovie project to iPad
    • video edit on iPad
    • for audio and podcast recording I use the app Opinion for the iPhone
  • recommend trying go “all iPad”
    • if you have the privilege
    • I'm sure most users could use an iPad instead of a computer
    • I'm glad I already living in the post-pc era, its the future of computing

If you can't watch the video above, click here: Living in the post-pc era with my iOS devices | svartlingcast 003

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In this video show, I talk about Apple stuff, apps, how I use apps, how I do stuff on my iOS devices, how I create content, how it is to already live in the post-pc era, and much more. The show is more podcast-like than my other videos. Every episode is usually around 20-30 minutes long. I try to do the show weekly. Please give me some feedback about the show.