Minuum for iPhone is now my default keyboard because it has support for Swedish

One of my favorite keyboard apps for the iPhone is Minuum, and it has been updated recently to support more languages. So finally it supports Swedish! My native language :) excellent! And you can also now turn off sloppy typing so that it works more like SwiftKey does if you prefer that. And it now also has some fun country flag themes. So you can for example add the Swedish flag as a keyboard background. Maybe not so useful though. I prefer one of the light themes.

I have Minuum as my default keyboard on my iPhone 6 now, but Minuum needs an iPad version to me, before I will go “all in” on it. If SwiftKey adds Swedish support before Minuum releases an iPad app, then I will probably switch back to SwiftKey because they already have an iPad app.

Minuum constantly learns from you to save you from the frustration of autocorrect failure. Ultra-powerful instant correction updates what you type in real-time, so you can watch the text field, not the keyboard.

Need to teach Minuum a new word? Just tap on the first word suggestion, which always shows precisely what you typed. Learned a weird word? Unlearn it by long-pressing on the suggestion.

AppStore: Minuum - The Little Keyboard for Big Fingers with NEW Color Themes, Languages and Fast Sloppy Typing by Minuum

Check this video out! Recorded and edited exclusively on the iPad Air 2. If you can't watch the video above, click here : Minuum For iPhone Has Been Updated With More Language Support & Customizations

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