My iPad Air 1, iPad Air 2 & iPhone 6 Comparison

Here is a short comparison video between my gold iPad Air 2, space gray iPad Air 1 and my gold iPhone 6. I think the gold version is really beautiful. And I actually like the white antenna lines on both the iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 now. The iPad Air 2 feels thinner than the Air 1 but the weigh is not a huge difference. But the thin body makes a huge difference in user experience. It feels smaller and easier to handle.

The new speakers with one row speaker grill, is actually better. iPad Air 2 has better sound. More bass.

And the awesome new display with anti glare layer is incredibly good. Huge difference between the Air 1 and Air 2. So sharp and clear.

The battery life on the iPad Air 2 is a tiny bit worse than on the Air 1 though.

I don't miss the mute switch at all really. In fact, I never used it on the Air 1 either. Not even once. If I would like to mute or lock rotation I just swipe up and do it from the control center.

If you can't watch the video above, click here: iPad Air 2, iPad Air 1 & iPhone 6 Comparison

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