Podcasts, Overcast, content creation and how I blog on the iPad - svartlingcast 002

This is the second episode in my new videoshow called svartlingcast. This time I talk about podcasts, the app Overcast, content creation and consuming devices, and how I blog on the iPad. Check the outline below for the full show notes. I hope you like this show. Please give me some feedback. If you can't watch the video above, click here: Consuming and Creating Content | svartlingcast 002

svartlingcast 002 show notes (21:58 mins):

  • I need the bezels on the iPad Air 2
  • the Apple earpods is the perfect podcast listening headphones
    • You can have them in the ears for a long time without them being irritating
    • you can still listen and talk to other people around you
  • one of my new interests is podcasts
    • perfect to listen to while working on the iPad
    • I bought the Overcast podcast App.
      • the smart speed and voice boost features is awesome
  • I hate when they call the iPad a consuming content device
  • how I blog on my iOS devices
  • feedback please
    • how long should the episodes be?
    • how often should I post them?

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In this video show, I talk about Apple stuff, apps, how I use apps, how I do stuff on my iOS devices, how I create content, how it is to already live in the post-pc era, and much more. The show is more podcast-like than my other videos. Every episode is usually around 20-30 minutes long. I try to do the show weekly. Please give me some feedback about the show.