Samsung copies Apple's Continuity & iBeacon with Flow & Proximity

Yeah, Samsung still follows in Apple's tracks and always do the same things as Apple but always make it a lot worse. That usually is what happens when you copies what others do without any kind of research. It's easier and cheaper to do that way…

That's why Apple always have the best user experience possible, because they always do a lot of tests and research for a new feature or product.

Samsung's new proximity and flow feature is a direct copy of Apple's iBeacon and Continuity.

As for Samsung’s Continuity-style feature, “Flow,” it breaks down into 3 categories: Transfer, Defer, and Notify. Transfer allows you to move webpages, phone calls etc. seamlessly between different Samsung devices, so long as it’s paired via Bluetooth. Defer, meanwhile, allows to how off whatever you’re working on until later, while Notify lets you use any Flow-enabled television, computer, tablet, or smartwatch display notifications and text messages.

Via: Cult of Android - Guess what Samsung copied from Apple now (hint: Continuity & iBeacons)