Swype for iOS - my review

I have now tested most of the third-party keyboards for iOS extensively, and have finally found the best. And to me, Swype is totally stable, bug free, fast and the best keyboard available for iOS.

What many people doesn't know is that you have too use Swype for a extensive time so that it can learn by your mistakes. So you have to use it for at least a week before it shows you it's real power. It has learned my swiping and typing mistakes so well now, that I can actually Swype blindfolded. I can close my eyes and Swype what I want to type and Swype corrects my mistakes perfectly fine.

That is how great Swype really is.

And it works as good on both the iPhone and iPad. At first I thought it would be strange to Swype on the iPad because of the larger keyboard, but it's no problem Author all, it's a really fast way of writing. And it's comfortable to hold the iPad in one hand and Swype with the other. I like it a lot.

I do all my writing this way now.

And Swype it's totally stable. It has never crashed for me. All the other keyboards I've tried has a lot of bugs and crashes a lot.

And Swype also supports a lot of different languages. Even my native language Swedish.

And the built in emoji support is awesome. It's great to have emojis auto suggested to you while swiping.

So Swype is now my main keyboard, my default keyboard. I can highly recommend it, but as I said, you have to give it time to learn before it shows you how good it is.

If you can't watch the video above, click here: Swype for iOS - my vlog review

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