Thanks to the iPad Air 2, I'm glad I bought the iPhone 6 instead of the iPhone 6 Plus

I'm glad I bought the iPhone 6 instead of the iPhone 6 Plus. I don't need such big phone when I have the iPad Air 2. And because of the iPad, I want a smaller phone that is easier to carry in my pocket and is more comfortable to hold with one hand.

But still big enough phone to do some light work like simple video editing, creating thumbnails for my YouTube videos, reading, some typing and photo editing.

I don't use computers anymore, so I do all the heavy work on the iPad Air 2, like serious video editing, Advanced blogging with automated python scripts, managing my YouTube channel and vlog, music creation and much much more.

For everything else I need the more portable and discreet iPhone 6.

So for me the perfect combination is the iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2.

This is why

  • I don't need as big phone when I have the iPad
  • The iPad Air 2 is so powerful so I want to use it all the time
    • and in most places I can
  • so I don't use the iPhone 6 much and when I do it needs to be as small and portable as possible
  • the smaller size of the iPhone 6 makes it more portable than iPhone 6 Plus
    • better in places like restaurants, in town, cinemas and places where you need to be discreet
    • Places where you have to have it in your pocket while sitting
  • the iPhone 6 is still big enough to work and read on and still portable and comfortable to carry and hold
    • it still has all the great hardware, camera, battery life, screen and so on
  • so to me the perfect combination is the smaller iPhone 6 and the iPad Air 2

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