The iPad pro could blur the lines between Macs and iPads

Yes this is what I've been talking about, if Apple will release an iPad pro, then it's meant to blur the lines between the Mac and iPad. And if Apple adds an innovative detachable keyboard it will blur the lines even more.

But I'm not so sure that the rumor about that it would run both iOS and OS X is true though. Personally I believe that Apple will manufacture such an advanced ARM chip that it will be as powerful as a an entry-level Mac when running a highly optimized coming iOS version instead. The iPad Air 2 is already as powerful as the 2011 MacBook air. And we see more and more professional desktop-like apps coming to the iPad almost everyday. So it will not need to run OS X. Personally I would prefer to run iOS apps over OS X apps on such a device.

I think such device could be Apple's next big thing really. Watch my videos about this below.

Not just another iPad

If the rumors about the iPad Pro are true, then it won't just be another addition to Apple's crowded iPad line, which currently consists of six devices.

Instead, it could be a new flagship device which could help Apple expand into the enterprise market and possibly combine its iPad and Mac lines. But it would also raise serious questions about a possible convergence of iOS and OS X, which could be beneficial to Apple if it lets different devices run different views (mobile, laptop, or desktop) of a single operating system.

Via: Will Apple’s “iPad Pro” Blur the Lines Between iPads and Macs? (AAPL)