I'm not using web browsers anymore

It's time for the 4th episode of my podcast-like video show called SvartlingCast. This time it's a bit shorter than normal, and is about the normal standard web browser that I think is dying. We are all using apps more and more instead. Native Apps often has a better UI and more features than a normal standard web browser. Posts opens directly in the app, formatted for easier reading.

Personally I don't even use browsers for search anymore. I search in the app I use. For example twitter. So I use native apps to find what I want to read or blog, and also for search. See the show notes below for more info on what I talk about in the video above.

Show notes | svartlingcast 004

  • Apps has taken over
    • Native apps provide a better experience and more functionality
    • Apps like Flipboard, Nuzzel, Pocket, Instapaper, Twitter's discovery tab, all excellent rss readers and much more
    • These apps opens posts directly in the app, in their own built in web browser.
      • Often reformatted for easier reading
      • And with full share sheet and extension support
  • One of the times when I have to start a web browser is when using badly developed apps like Google's iOS apps.
    • One example is the Google+ app. It has a terrible in-app browser that doesn't support iOS Share Sheet or extensions so you can't do anything. Same with all Google's iOS apps. They don't follows Apple's UI guidelines.
  • Not many people starts a web browser directly to browse the web anymore
    • Not even for search. People search via apps and directly from the OS
    • Content is now pushed to us instead of us pulling it from the web
  • Personally I don't even search anymore
    • Only when searching for help about something
    • But I do most of my searches on services like Twitter and Flipboard to find News or stuff I want to read about

If you can't watch the video above, click here: The Web Browser Is Dying | svartlingcast 004

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