I'm thinking of switching to Todoist from Omnifocus

I've started to use Todoist as my main task management / GTD service instead of Omnifocus. I use a free account at the moment, but are missing a lot of the more advanced features you get with a premium account. So we will see.

The main reason why I've started to use Todoist is because Omnifocus has some annoying things I don't like. For example the sync. Syncing is terrible and makes it hard to have my tasks in sync on my iPhone and iPad.

Another reason is that I can't get to my Omnifocus tasks at my day work. I use Outlook there and a windows computer (shiver). And Todoist has an excellent web app, Chrome extension and Microsoft Outlook plugin . That means that I can easily have my tasks available on all my devices. Everywhere.

And I think its easier to add tasks in Todoist than it is in Omnifocus. Much easier and it's also much easier to change time or date on a specific task.

It's too bad that I have bought Omnifocus for both iPhone and iPad for quite big money… And Todoist premium is a subscription service that is not cheap either.. So this time I will test the free version a lot before deciding. But as I said, too bad the free version is missing most of the features I would like to test.

We will see if I make the switch or not. In the mean time I will use both.

Watch my video about Omnifocus here: