Nintype for iOS is the most powerful keyboard available

The third-party iOS keyboard Nintype (not available for Android) is the best keyboard on the planet. Hands down. But it also has the steepest learning curve of them all. In fact, I had given up on it because it was so overwhelming, but I gave it one more chance (probably because it was so expensive $5), and boy! I'm glad I did! The more I use it the more I learn and love it!

Its the most complex keyboard I've ever used but also the most powerful, once you have figured out how it works.

One unique and innovative feature that Nintype has is that you can swipe with both hands at the same time. That means that you can build up complete words with two fingers incredibly fast. When you master that technique I can assure you that you type faster than most users do on a real physical computer keyboard.

Another thing I really like is that you can resize, split and move the keyboard exactly how you want it, and save different presets. So I can for example have a small keyboard right aligned on my iPad so I can swipe with one hand exactly as I do on my iPhone 6. Or I can have one preset where the keyboard is split and moved to the middle of the screen so I can fast and easy swipe with both my thumbs at the same time.

Different presets is very useful to have.

Some of Nintype features

  • swiping with two hands at the same time
  • resizing and moving the keyboard
  • saving different presets
  • splitting keyboard
  • supports my native language Swedish
  • can be customized a lot
  • supports pecktype
  • you also get a note taking app built-in
  • and a calculator..

If you can't watch the video above, click here: It's all about Nintype - the iOS only keyboard for power users | svartlingcast 005

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