Taylor Swift could have been signing a deal with Apple's new Beats Music streaming service

What if Taylor Swift removed her music from Spotify because of a secret exclusive deal with Apple and their new Beats Music streaming service that will be released next year? Her real reasons doesn't have to be that she didn't got paid enough (because she were according to Spotify), it could be that she's got orders from Apple to not reveal the new deal just yet.

Apple is rumored to release their new Beats Music streaming service together with iOS 8.2 sometime around Valentine's day, and that it will be pre-installed on all iOS devices. If that's the case, then this new music streaming service could be the world's largest just over one night. Millions of users will be able to use it immediately together with their iTunes and Apple accounts. If it will be released internationally that is… I have a feeling that it will just be U.S. only though unfortunately. If so, then Apple misses a huge opportunity to become the world's largest music streaming service.

And most of the largest music artists wants to be on such a huge music service, and if they can get a better deal with Apple than with Spotify, then this could be a huge blow at Spotify. If you can't watch the video above, click here: What if Taylor Swift removed her music from Spotify because of deal with Apple?

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