The iPhone 6 Plus is too big

Yes I totally agree. It is. I have played around with it a bit too and it really is too big to carry comfortably in my jeans pocket. In fact, even the iPhone 6 I have is a tiny bit too big for that too.

And it's important to me because if I have to carry it in my hand all the time or pick it out every time I'm sitting down, I rather carry my iPad Air 2 everywhere instead. I prefer the iPad Air when I need bigger to work on anyways.

It's just too big to fit in my pocket comfortably without feeling it pushing up against the fabric and my leg. I admit that my previous description of the iPhone 6 Plus as “having a skateboard down your trousers” was hyperbole, but there's no question that you're more aware of what's in your pocket than you are when you're carrying an iPhone 6 or previous models.

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