This blog is on its way out

Even if I think the blog / blogging is on its way out, I will of course continue posting content on my website. I will eventually stop call it a blog though, and start calling it my website instead because it will have more content / media than just blog posts.

It will mainly be content created around my videos published on YouTube, exactly as it has been for almost a year now. And maybe also podcasts if I start using audio only media sometimes.

So even if blogs and blogging is dying, I think the blogs that doesn't die, will transform into larger media sites instead. Social media and social networks will keep growing and get more and more users to post their thoughts and opinions there instead. That's the reality but there will always be users like me that want to have a website for all my content in one place.

I have turned off comments though, like more and more “bloggers” are doing. My website is about my thoughts and opinions, and I share all my posts on most social networks out there, and prefer discussing there. And I almost always reply and engage.

In fact, maybe that's the biggest sign that blogs is transforming to something else now? Blogging was mainly about the comments and interaction.

Anyways, you won't see any huge difference on my site, if you already like it you will still like it in the future, and if you don't like it, maybe you will if you will let it get a chance.