What will happen to the blog?

Kids and teenagers doesn't follow blogs anymore, and they sure won't start their own. So what will happen to the blogs in the future when none writes them anymore? Well personally I believe the normal amateurish, more personal blog will vanish. Those users will move to social networks, forums, video streaming services, where they will post their opinions and discuss with others. The ones that tries to make a living on blogging, will move to large media hubs and create content together with others, or they evolve their own blog into a media website that will have all the content the visitors want to consume. Videos, podcasts, articles, images, communities and more.

So their will be two kinds of “bloggers” in the future:

  1. The one that lives on social networks and discuss with others
  2. The one that create content for a living for a large media hub on the web

Short form Read/Write (Show notes)

  • kids and teenagers doesn't read blogs anymore
  • kids and teenagers will most likely not start their own blog today
  • they use the more short form of reading and writing
    • they write shorter, punchier messages to start discussions
    • they don't discuss on blogs anymore
    • They use social media, forums and video services
  • mobile devices is their preferred and default platform now
  • so what will happen to the old traditional blog?
    • Who will write them in the future?

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