Xiaomi blatantly clones the Apple Macbook Air

It appears that also Xiaomi blatantly copies Apple. Now with a new laptop that looks identical to Apple's Macbook Air. This is just silly. Xiaomi, Lenovo and Nokia has very fast become the biggest copycats in the world. I wonder why not Apple is stopping them? Criminals should be punished. Probably because they know that these clones will never leave China.

Some photos of the Xiaomi Notebook cropped up online today. As you can see in the pictures, the device looks exactly like Apple’s Macbook Air except for the logo on the front and the back. Below the display is the bright orange ‘MI’ branding and at the back too there is a silver ‘MI’ logo. The laptop also features a special orange colored function button that can take custom functions from the user.

Via: Xiaomi laptop leaked online with specs

Here is some videos of other Apple clones: