Blogging is alive, we just call it something else - yeah that's what I've been saying

Yeah, this is what I've been talking about many times. The normal personal blogging is dying. They are moving to social networks to post their expressions and opinions. And the ones that doing it for business and money are moving into large media houses. Huge websites where people collaborate and create content. Look at the recent news that AOL is closing the big Apple site TUAW, and the people blogging there is moving to Engadget, a large media house.

I've done a video about this a while ago, long before all the news about this. Check that video below.

All it takes is the retirement of one blogger — namely, Andrew Sullivan, founder of The Daily Dish and long-time thorn in the side of the liberal blogosphere — and the social web explodes with a mixture of praise, recriminations, eulogies for the death of blogging as we know it, and righteous indignation about whether he was one of the first or not. I don’t think Andrew’s departure is the end of the world, but I confess that it did make me stop and think about the nature of blogging, and where it has gone, or is going.

Via: Blogging is very much alive — we just call it something else now — Tech News and Analysis

Here is my earlier video about this topic: