CES 2015 has started - personally I'm not so interested following the news about it

CES 2015 starts this week and to be honest with you, personally I don't care at all. CES is always filled with boring and gimmicky products that nobody buys. Oh, and huge TV's with incredible resolutions that no one can have any benefit of. And I don't think it will be so different this time. There will be some car automation, home automation and fitness products too. That could be nice. Trend setting products.

And yes of course, as someone said to me in a comment on my video yesterday, it's very different being there and not to. The atmosphere, the people there and so on, makes it fun to visit the show anyways. I won't do that personally though. Nothing of interest for me there.

Or as another great person commented on my video:

“CES is very important for our Consumer business. I am since 20 years in the IT Consumer Industry and I can tell you from my experience that CES is a very important tool for the decision makers, for every Sales Person. Purchase Managers need those shows in order to touch and feel a new Product and to get in touch with the Vendors and Distributors. Consumer shows are the only centralized platform for this where they can see up to 20 vendors with different products on a CES day and are able close contracts even with the right decisions makers from the US Head quarters of many IT Consumer Shows”.

And I can totally understand that. That CES is boring is my personal opinion only and nothing else. If you can't watch the video above, click here: I don't care about CES 2015 - filled with boring and gimmicky products

CES 2015 looks set to extend the themes of its predecessor into the present year, as the one thing 2014 lacked was successful execution of all the novel ideas it started off with. There’s still progress to be made in the areas of health and fitness tracking, there are more (and more unusual) devices to connect around the home, and car automation is moving from the periphery to the forefront of CES’s biggest announcements. Here you will find our top predictions for the most important storylines heading into this year's show.

Via: Here's what to expect from CES 2015 | The Verge

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