I have a feeling that Apple will have a great 2015 too | Svartlingcast 008

Here is my latest episode in my video show called svartlingcast. It has been an exciting week with a lot of cool stuff. Below you can see what I'm talking about in this episode.

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  • About the evolution of the iPhone - The iPhone has evolved and changed quite much during its 8 years life. To me the iPhone 3G/3GS had one of the best designs ever. And the iPhone 6 has gone back to that a bit with it's rounded edges and smooth feeling. Via | Source
  • About the new Google Calendar design - Personally I can't see how this is better than for example the Sunrise calendar for iOS. Or if you have the money, buy the Fantastical calendar app. Both are much better and supports more calendars and features. Via
  • About the iOS 8 adoption rate - The iOS 8 adoption rate is still very low at only 69%. Personally I think one reason for that is that so many users still on have an iPhone 4/4s. And the iPhone 4 can't be updated and the the iPhone 4s gets very slow and iOS 8 drains the battery a lot on it. Via
  • About my huge Apple Community - It's the biggest on Google+ and I like the engagement and interaction there. It's very well moderated, so please join if you are an Apple user.
    Check the community out!
  • About why the next iPhone need 2GB RAM - I think one of the reasons why the next iPhone needs to get 2GB RAM is because the limited RAM that is available for third-party keyboards. Great keyboards like Nintype can't be used in full with that limitation. Third-party keyboards crashes thanks to this limitation. Via
  • About Google+ - Google+ doesn't have so much engagement / interaction anymore. Why is that? Doesn't people use it anymore? From having hundreds of comments on my posts there, I have about 10 now. Is it dying? Have people stop using it?
  • About Apple becoming more independent - I think that's a natural thing to do. Trying to get rid of so many companies and supply change as possible so that Apple can be as independent as possible. The user experience will be even better that way. If Apple can control both hardware and software even more, it will only benefit the user more. Via
  • About the new BitTorrent app for iPhone/iPad - Once again, Apple has accepted a BitTorrent client for iOS! With the app ProPopulo you can download public domain ebooks from different libraries that the app supports. But I show you a nifty trick on how you can use the app for any BitTorrent link you want. App Store link
  • About the 12-inch MacBook Air - Some new leaked images of a potential 12-inch MacBook Air display has leaked out. It has thin black bezels, an Apple logo designed as it is on the iPad, and it is as small as the 11-inch MacBook Air. Via | Source
  • About why I prefer touch keyboards over physical keyboards - As you may know, the iPad has replaced computers for me, and I work a lot on my iPad. But what many don't know is how I can be without an external keyboard for the iPad. Touch keyboards simply has so many useful features built-in that makes me type both easier and faster than with a physical keyboard.

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