The Apple Watch will be customized and controlled via an iPhone companion app

The website 9to5mac has got their hands on the Apple Watch companion app for the iPhone. So now we have a lot more info on what the Apple Watch can do. And with the app installed on your iPhone you can customize most of the settings on the watch. You can move around the Apps and have them exactly how you want them on your watch for example. The Apple watch doesn't have a keyboard so you have to use your voice to send messages. You can set if you want to use Audio messages or dictate as default. You can turn on tactile feedback so that the watch vibrates when it's time to make a turn when navigating using Maps. You can turn on reminders to remind you when it's time to stand up when you have sitting down too long. And much much more. Check out my video below!

Within Apple, the application is currently called the Apple Watch “Companion” app for iPhone. This application manages settings for Apple Watch applications, as well as settings for iPhone/Watch interactivity. The Companion app’s settings reveal some novel new functions that are coming to the Apple Watch

Via: Apple Watch iPhone ‘Companion’ app revealed w/ new Watch features, monograms | 9to5Mac

If you can't watch the video below, click here: Apple Watch Companion iPhone App Tells Us More About What The Apple Watch Can Do

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