What I use my iPhone 6 for and what differs on how I used the iPhone 5s

I've got a question from one of my followers about how I use my iPhone 6 and how it differs on how I used the iPhone 5s.

And as I've said many times before, I don't use my iPhone so much anymore. Not since I started using my iPad exclusively. I mainly use my iPhone to record videos for my YouTube videos, and for reading. I really like reading on the great iPhone 6 display. I read both ebooks and tech news on it.

And it is actually no difference on how I use the iPhone 6 compared to how I used the iPhone 5s. It has a better camera and easier to read on the larger screen. That's the main differences for me. So basically I could actually had kept my iPhone 5s because I have the iPad Air 2.

So here is a Q&A video where I try to answer those questions. I like to get more questions that I can do videos on. If you can't watch the video above, then click here: Q&A: what I use my iPhone 6 for

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