Flipboard influencers emerge - Flipboard is hot

I can't believe why not more people starts using Flipboard! It's so much more than just a news reader. It's an excellent social network where you can discuss content together, and you can curate your own magazines with your interests, that others can subscribe to. And you can subscribe to topics that interests you, and you can subscribe to people that interests you. Here is me on Flipboard: http://flipboard.com/profile/stefansvartling

Top brand managers are turning to Flipboard influencers in order to reach engaged, active audiences. And it’s no surprise. Flipboard is hot. Twitter recognizes this fact, inking a recent advertising partnership with the digital glossy platform. The deal coincides with Flipboard releasing its closely guarded monthly active reader count (a very impressive 50 million).

Via: As Flipboard Influencers Emerge, Brands Take Notice — Medium

Here is a video I've done on how amazing flipboard is: