My thoughts on the Cloudmagic email app - Outlook is even better though


CloudMagic is a great email app for iPhone, iPad and Android

  • This mail app has become my default mail app on my iOS devices. It's fast and works with all my mail accounts
  • I can highly recommend this app. I can't believe that it's free

Works with all email services, even Exchange

  • Manage all your email from one app
  • That's one of the best features of this app. It's so great to get all my email in the same app with a combine inbox that actually works

A beautifully simple Inbox with a focus on what’s important – your conversations

  • And powerful tools to manage difficult mailboxes
    • I really like the fast edit feature for example. It makes it very easy to delete emails for example
  • Yeah the inbox is really clean and simple. I like the look of it a lot.
  • A pleasant reading experience for your conversations
    • It's very easy to read emails and whole conversations
    • The app gets out of your way

It has an incredible cloud based search that is amazingly fast

  • There is no problem to find the emails you want with this search. No matter if it's archived or not


  • I really like that I can set different archiving folders for different email accounts! That way the archive button works for all mail in the "All Inboxes" mode

Easy on battery and data

  • Emails are pushed from the cloud instead of constant polling
    • This actually makes a difference. Quite huge one too. Much better battery life since switching to CloudMagic
    • Really smart

Cloud power

  • All heavy-lifting done by their cloud, so that the app is lightweight and snappy
    • Really smart and makes the app and service really fast. You can actually feel the snappiness of this app!

Push notifications for all your email

  • Instant notifications, no matter what email service you use
    • Works great and really fast too

Cards help you get work done quickly by connecting you to your favorite services

  • It has some cards that I use. For example Pocket and Evernote but I miss a Omnifocus card though. It only has a Todoist card for task management and I don't use that service.
    • It would be much better if it supported the normal share sheet instead