Will Apple take on Google with their own Search Engine?

Well it's easy fixed, just buy Yahoo. Then Apple will get both a search engine and a social network in Yahoo search and Tumblr. And as a bonus, they get an excellent photo sharing service in Flickr.

And add the Siri technology to the search engine, and on top of everything, add Apples excellent design language and they will have some awesome services.

And I'm sure that would be a huge blow at Google and their revenue. Even if only most Apple users would use it. Google doesn't have any other income than from ads, and Apple has as you may have heard :)

Although there’s a good chance Apple’s new advertised position is to augment one of these roles rather than add a whole new technology, it’s worth pointing out that Apple’s long-running search agreement with Google for its Safari browser expires this year. If Apple was ever going to enter the search market, now would be seem to be the right time.

Via: Apple may be about to take on Google with its own search engine | Cult of Mac

Here is an old video where I talk about this: