Here is more in detail why I prefer living in the post-PC era with my iPad than using normal computers like my MacBook Air

After been using my iPad exclusively for 14 months, and totally living in the post-PC era, I decided to go back to my 11-inch MacBook Air. With an i7 processor and 8GB RAM it's a quite powerful MacBook. But after trying to use the MacBook for almost a week, I decided to go back to my beloved iPad again. I am simply so much more productive and faster using an iPad. Especially such a powerhouse like the iPad Air 2 really is. It both feels faster to work on it than my i7 MacBook Air, and it renders video and audio files faster from my editing Apps too. And I can have more tracks open at the same time in my sequencer on the iPad too. The sequencer Auria is amazing. I actually run my whole business on the iPad and iPhone without problems. Both easier and faster.

It's important for you to understand that better specs doesn't always mean that it “feels” faster. The iPad Air 2 has proven that for me. The user experience is always more important than specs. iOS combined with the native Apps, and together with a touch UI instead of a physical mouse and keyboard makes it “feel” faster than the MacBook Air when working on it. “Touching” the content you are working on makes it more natural. That's important.

One of the biggest reasons why I prefer the iPad over computers is that I'm almost always mobile, so I need to work on the go. And I need to do short and really fast “bursts” of work, and nothing beats the iPad when it comes to that.

Here is a list with things I miss and is not as good on a computer that it is on an iPad for me:

  • I miss Flipboard. I don't like the web version
  • A hassle to share videos to all social networks on a computer
  • I miss the editorial and drafts iPad apps..
  • I miss the Clips app
  • I miss TextExpander (i know i can buy it for Mac too)
  • I miss all the great touch keyboards and all it's features that makes it so easy to write and blog
  • I miss the Google plus app (I hate the web versions notifications)
  • I miss all the iOS notifications
  • I miss the better notification center on the iPad
  • I miss the share menu and the app extensions that integrate everything on the iPad
  • I miss the better battery life the iPad has (yeah I know the 12-inch MacBook has better battery life than my MBA)
  • I don't like the heat the MacBook Air generates
  • I don't like the extra weight
  • I don't like that I can't hold it and use it. For example when walking
  • I don't like that it takes longer to connect to the Internet
  • I don't like that I have to use Wifi hotspot to my iPhone when not home
  • Airdrop doesn't work as good as it does between my iOS devices somehow

Here is a list with things that is better with a computer than the iPad for me:

  • More powerful video and audio editing software
  • The real Safari web browser and not the mobile version
  • Can have it comfortably in my knee. No need to hold it.
  • Can download different files easier
  • Can record the screen from all my devices easily so that I can make screencasts without hacks and tricks

Here is three more detailed videos on why I prefer the iPad over a laptop: